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Baobab powder 1kg, organic

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SKU: 71001000
36,00 €
Baobab powder is made from the baobab fruit which grows on the baobab tree. The baobab tree is one of the largest trees in the world that´s native to Madagascar and often referred to as the "Tree Of Life". Its leaves, bark, roots, fruit and seeds have all been harnessed for generations, either as a valuable source of food or as a traditional medicine. The baobab fruit is considered rich in nutrients, it is often referred to as the ´King of Super Fruits.´ Storage: dry, dark and cool 100 of product contains on avarage: Calories 1050kJ /253kcal Total Fat, 1g, Saturated Fat 0g; Total Carbohydrate 38,8g, of which sugars 31g; Protein 2g; Salt 0g