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Dates 5kg, organic

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SKU: 10505000
40,00 €
Three main cultivar groups of date exist: soft (e.g. ´Barhee´, ´Halawy´, ´Khadrawy´, ´Medjool´), semi-dry (e.g. ´Dayri´, ´Deglet Noor´, ´Zahdi´), and dry (e.g. ´Thoory´). The type of fruit depends on the glucose, fructose, and sucrose content.
* May contain a small amount of date stones
Storage: dry and cool ( max.+5°C )
100 g of product contains on average:
Energy value 1275 kJ/ 305 kcal;
Fats 0,5 g, of which saturated fatty acids < 0,1 g
Carbohydrates 69 g, of which sugars 69 g; proteins 2,5 g; salt 0 g