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Inca berries 250g, organic

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Physalis peruviana Description Inca berries grow in Andes and it has been well known for its benefits among Peruvian incas for centuries. To others – not so much as it was forgotten for 500 years. For now, it’s in TOP 5 list of best foods from Peru. Inca berries are great sources of vitamins, fresh or dried. Berries are also cultivated in Piura’s plateau, which is about 2200 metres above sealevel. The quality of those berries is evaluated in Lima, the capital of Peru. There are cherry-size berries removed from their paper-like shell. Slowly dried under the 40 degree heat, berry decreases it size compared to raisin. Golden-color berry is easy to chew and soursweet taste feels refreshing. To get 500 grams of dried berries, farmers have to pich about 3 kilograms of fresh berries. Benefits Inca berries are rich in betakaroten, also antioxydants and biofalavanoids, which help to boost immune system and fight with inflammation. They also contain a notable amount of vitamin A and C and B. Even if you have diabetes, inca berries are safe to eat, because of the pectin that helps to control the blood sugar level, regulates the metabolism and lowers the levels of bad cholesterol. Inca berries are diuretic and they have been be helpful with constipation. People with rheuma and dermatites have found that sympthoms of their disease have relieved after adding inca berries to their regular diet. The berries are believed to have a preventive effect on gastrointestinal tract cancer and shown a good results in cleansing blood and fighting helminths. Don’t be surprised when after a while you hair looks better, thicker and shinier – that might be beause of inca berries as well. How to eat it? Hopefully it’ll become your favourite snack. But instead of raisins, add them to your muesli, porridge or dishes. No matter if you are a vegan or vegetarian. Let it become your secret ingredient of deserts or breadstuff, muffins, salads, cheese-plate or jam. It might be good to