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Lucuma powder 500g, organic

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SKU: 70100500
19,50 €
WHAT IS LUCUMA? A tree that reaching 15 to 20 meters in height. Its leaves are dark-green, alternately arranged, and spear-shaped with wavy edges, up to 20cm long and 10cm wide. Lucuma is a round, brownish fruit that varies in size, depending on the varieties, with an intense yellow pulp. Each fruit has two quite large dark brown seeds, which occupy over one third of the fruit. NUTRITION INFORMATION Amount per 100g Calories 1522kJ/358kcal Total Fat, 1,2g -Saturated Fat 0,15g Total Carbohydrate, 81,9g -sugars 24,8g Protein 5g Salt 0,05g USEFUL PROPERTIES This important source of carbohydrates, fibre, minerals and vitamins was used by ancient Peruvians in diets and for medicinal proposes. Actually it is considered as a good anti-oxidant. It also has lots of beta-carotene, niacin (B3) and iron. ITS USE TODAY It can be used in the following ways: Food supplement Yogurts, smoothies, desserts and pastry (cakes, pies) Fine chocolate industry Baby food Cakes, desserts and pastry (cookie fillings) Ice cream industry