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Maca powder 500g, organic

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SKU: 70200500
Storage: dry and cool place
Usage: 10-15g per day
100 g of product contains on average:
Energy value 1297 kJ/ 310 kcal;
Fats 1,34 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0,3 g
Carbohydrates 76,3 g, of which sugars 24,2 g; proteins 9,67 g; salt 0,09 g
Maca is used in the preparation of various foods, such as cookies, cakes, hot porridge and as chips. It is used in sweets, desserts, syrup, jams and wine. Maca powder can be sprinkled on cereals, added to yoghurt or soup, mixed with milk, hot or cold water (with the addition of milk and honey), or fruit juices such as apple, cranberry or pineapple, put on salads or added to salad dressings or other foodstuffs.