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Pine seeds 10kg, organic

484,80 € 

Päritolumaa: Venemaa
100 g toodet sisaldab keskmiselt:
Energiasisaldus 2813 kJ/ 673 kcal;
rasvad 68,4 g, millest küllastunud rasvhapped 4,9 g;
süsivesikud 13,1 g, millest suhkrud 3,6 g; valgud 13,7 g; sool 0 g
  • 305HULGI
Country of origin: Russia
100 g of product contains on average:
Energy value 2813 kJ/ 673 kcal;
Fats 68,4g, of which saturated fatty acids 4,9g;
Carbohydrates 13,1g, of which sugars 3,6g; proteins; 13,7g; salt 0g