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Spirulina pills 200g, organic

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WHAT IS SPIRULINA? With plenty of protein and a unique combination of nutrients, or blue-green algae spirulina has been living on the land for billions of years. It is known that spirulina is also used by the Aztecs, who collected it until the 16th century Texcoco lake in Mexico. Local people said about you-chuitlatl, which means "stone excrement". Spirulina has been an important food source in Africa, where it is collected from Lake Chad to the 19th century. Dried seaweed they made cakes, whose name is dihé. These cakes were sold in the market and were prepared nutritious broth. Today, thanks to its unique spirulina is grown in nutrient content of the special seaweed farms, which have been established in many parts of the world. The biggest producers are the USA, Thailand, India, Taiwan, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Burma (Myanmar), Greece and Chile. NUTRITION INFORMATION Amount per 100g Calories 1212kJ / 289,67kcal Total Fat, 7,7g -Saturated Fat 2,7g Total Carbohydrate, 23,9g -sugars 3,1g Protein 57,5g Salt 2,62g USEFUL PROPERTIES Spirulina is lifted up to you often high levels of vitamin B12, but there is sufficient research to suggest that it is a little different and not so easily acquired vitamin. Spirulina effect of the body to produce more white and red blood cells, which help fight the virus. Chlorophyll helps purify the blood and oxygen to the blood. Spirulina is also useful for skin - has reported that it reduces the age-associated spots, eczema, acne and redness. It can also help to glaucoma, cataracts, and poor eyesight event. Some studies have highlighted the ability of spirulina to combat allergies and improve physical performance. Ten grams of each of spirulina covers up to 70 percent of the daily need for iron, and three to four times daily, where the minimum of the vitamin A, B, D, and vitamin K inserted. Spirulina itself does not contain vitamin C, but it will contribute to the better functioning of vitamin C. This is a signi