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Yacón powder 100g, organic

SKU: 71700100
Extracted from the yacon plant, deep in the South American Andes, it is harvested at the onset of the rainy season between September and November. Yacon is related to the sunflower plant and blooms with small yellow flowers.
Yacon root is considered the world’s richest natural source of fructo oligosaccharides (FOS), in comparison with other roots and tubers which store carbohydrates and glucose.
The tubers and roots are hand-ѕelected for finest quality, then washed in citric water. Once dried from its raw state, the yacon root is ground into a powder. Yacon powder can be used a s a sweetener as it consists of inulin and polysaccharides.
Recommended daily intake: 5 g per day
The product is packed in the same room with nuts and seeds
Storage: Dry and cool (+15°C - +18°C)
100 of product contains on avarage:
Energy value 1438 kJ/ 343,5 kcal;
fats 0,3 g, of which saturated fatty acinds 0 g;
carbohydrates 80,4 g, of which sugars 40 g; proteins 4,8 g; salt 0 g.