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Terms and Conditions

Online shop (Online Shop) is owned by OÜ Armastusest Inspireerituna, located in Estonia, Tartu, Jalaka 83.

By paying the order in our Online Shop, the customer has agreed with our Terms and Conditions.

Products and prices

All pictures in our Online Shop is from real products, but depending on a batch and computer screen, also colours of your printer etc, the colours of picture and real product may vary.

While becoming our loyal and long-term customer you may notice a slight difference in taste and color of the dried fruits as well. It is normal and depends on the batch – where it's from, how was the weather (light, heat) during the growth and sun-drying period, also how long time has passed from picking and drying (as nuts, fruits and berries are seasonal products) etc.

To keep the best taste and, all products are stored between temperatures +6...+10 depending on a product.

All prices of the products are given beside the product and include VAT. Prices are in EUROs. Charge for delivery is not included.

Charge for delivery depends on the location of the buyer and delivery method. Charge will be shown before completing the order.

In case you'd like to know more about the products than short information, please read our blog articles.

Order and payment

Add chosen products to the cart and fill in the required blanks. Then, choose your delivery method. Payment can be done via banklink or invoice. Order is completed after the payment is confirmed by the bank. 

In case products cannot be delivered because these are out of stock (or some other cause), Online Shop will contact the Customer and returns money (also delivery charge) as soon as possible but within 14 days the latest.


Online Shop will send products to all EU countries. Delivery is paid by Customer and the prices are given in the process of Order.

Within Estonia, delivery takes approximately 2-3 workdays after Completing the Order. To abroad, it takes about 3-10 days.

Exceptional deliveries may take up to 45 days.

Right of Cancellation

After completing the order, Customer has a 14-day period to cancel the order in case package of the product is not opened or damaged in any way. That right of Cancellation does not include businessis or legal persons.

Product must be in clean and undamaged, closed package and preserved as given on a package.

In case Customer has chosen to by products from „Best Before passed“ list, and the best before date was passed on the day of purchase, there is no cancellation.

We will not take back products in opened packages or in case they are not kept as suggested on a label. In case of a damaged or dirty package, Online Shop has a right to decrease the price of returnal up to 30%.

For returnal, Customer has to present a cancellation application via e-mail. Application must include the name of the Customer, contact information, number of order, delivery method and date, the reason for cancellation. E-mail must be sent to rasmus.saar[ät]  within 14 päeva after the delivery date.

Cost of the returnal is paid by Customer, until the reason of returnal is mistake made by Online Shop (wrong product or defect).

Products must be returned within 14 days after application if not agreed other ways. All charges are returned by Online Shop within 14 days after products are back in Online Shop.

In case Customer has chosen for returnal more expensive ways than usual, Online Shop is not obliged to cover the exceeded amount of a normal delivery.

Online Shop has a right of Cancellation in case the price in Online Shop is accidentally marked remarkably under the market price of the product.

Pretensions and Complaints

Online Shop is responsible for any defect of the product if it existed before and at the moment of delivery, not later.

Pretensions about the amount, quality etc of the products delivered must be sent to Online Shop as soon as possible but within 72 hours after receiving the product. E-mail with pictures to confirm possible errors or defect must be sent to rasmus.saar[ät]

Pretensions arrived at the later time will not be discussed.

If products has defects Online Shop is responsible for, product will be replaced. If that is not possible, all charges will be returned.

Answers for pretensions will be sent to Customer within 15 workdays.

Pretensions about Online Shop itself (not the products) must be sent to e-mail address info[@]

In case agreement is not achieved, Customer has a right to make an application for Estonian Consumers Union. Complaints of Customers will be discussed free of charge. 

It is also a Customers right to send a complaint to European Union Customer's organization.